Dr. Kirsten Nokling, Clinical Psychologist, D'Clin, MSc, BSc-Hons.

HCPC and BPS Registered Clinical Psychologist
Tel: 07716 364 597
Email: kirsten@clinicalpsychologylancashire.co.uk

Equine Assisted Therapy

We offer in some cases, equine assisted therapy. This means that your therapy session with your psychologist will take place, typically outdoors.

This may be sitting on a bench on our private piece of land in the countryside quite simply watching our horses graze and getting to know them, while we talk.

For individuals who want a more hands on approach, we can utilise the ponies within the therapy session, and there are a number of therapeutic exercises and activities which we can do. As horses are ‘flight-prey’ animals, they make fantastic mirrors! They have the ability to mirror back to you, your innermost emotions or feelings. Sometimes, asking the horse can help individuals to gain a greater understanding of what they really want, or how they truly feel about a problem, person, or situation.

Individuals may prefer to groom the horse, or brush their tail for instance and find some therapeutic benefit to engaging in these physical activities, while we talk.

Please note: Some (but not all) insurance cases, and cases where therapy is funded in the work-place, and some private healthcare scheme, do cover equine-assisted therapy as an alternative to conventional therapy. Please check with your provider if they would fund equine-assisted sessions, if not self-funding, prior to booking an appointment.